About us

Dr. Atul Shringarpure

( New York University )

Dr. Atul Shringarpure has graduated from Sharad Pawar dental college, Wardha and did post graduate certification in Cosmetic and Implants Dentistry from New York University, USA. He is practicing General, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry for last 20 years .He has written in various newspaper on latest treatments in Dentistry. Joined JCI Orange City, one of the largest chapter of Junior Chamber International, India in 1998. Attended high level special training on Speechcraft, Gurukul, Able, Nalanda. He is now a Certified National Trainer in Soft Skills. He Conducts many training session for Jaycees, non Jaycees, network marketing units and corporate sector. He also conducts interactive sessions on various topics. He is the Founder President of Global Konnect Nagpur – an Entrepreneurship development organization.

Your Smile Care Team

Dr. Neeraj Alladwar MDS

( Visiting Orthodontist )

Dr. Girish Bhutada MDS

( Visiting Periodontist )

Dr. Alkesh Godhane MDS

( Visiting Pedodontist )

Dr. Keyur Chande MDS

( Consulting Endodontist )

Dr. Shraddha Hingad

( BDS, MHA )

Dr. Mansi Varma

( BDS )

Dr. Nisha Patel

( BDS )

Dr. Namrata Gupta

( BDS )

Dr. Suwarna Upare

( BDS )

Dr. Jyoti Singh

( BDS )

Dr. Swapna Randive

( BDS )